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Top 10 Happy songs 2012 List

Top 10 Happy songs 2012 List :- Song forms the base of life We feel happy when we listen to beautiful melodies of happy songs. Happy Songs create sensation in our life and make us a better people mentally and physically. There are many beautiful songs that make you smile and think of life in a better way.Happy songs are very optimistic in nature and prohibit us from getting into dullness of life and sadness. You can say that it is one of the basic characteristic features of a happy song. Life becomes more bright and full of happiness when a happy song attains success in creating a difference in our life full of boredom.
Top 10 Happy songs 2012
From a bunch of happy songs it is pretty difficult to find the most popular list of top 10 happy songs of all time. while selecting the best Happy songs We realize that the list is very long as the Happy songs is one of the best chosen category among people for the essence of its beautiful melody.
Top Singers of Happy songs of all time: The singer besides the lyricist plays a leading role in making a happy song more popular and soothing to ear. In spite of having good lyrics the song might fail to reach the heart of the people in case the presentation of the song by the singer is not well executed. The contribution of a singer is huge towards music as it requires the feeling of the song to be executed in the voice. Some of the leading singers of happy songs are:
  • Lenka
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Amy Wine house
  • Kelly Clarkson
  • Eliza Doolittle
  • Jessie J
  • Katy Perry
  • Nicki Minaj
  • Kate Nash
  • Adele
  • The Beatles
  • Blink-182

Top 10 Happy Songs 2012 List

We are enlisting list of top 10 Happy songs 2012 list based on our choice and preference. Hope you will love to hear these happy songs again and again. The melody of the happy songs makes a positive sensation in the mind which makes you more active in life.
  1. Don’t Worry, Be Happy
  2. Happy Together-The Turtles
  3. Stay Happy
  4. Happy And You Know It
  5. I´m So Happy
  6. Happy Feelings
  7. You Make Me Happy
  8. Happy Boys & Girls
  9. Shiny Happy People
  10. Only The Loot Can Make You Happy
Role of Happy songs in our life:
Happy songs are like inspirational music. It is the ultimate source of positive vibrations in our life. It will actually make you feel good and positive in life. It is medically suggested to hear beautiful and Happy Songs at the beginning of the day and its acts as an energetic source of motivation in the human being, making the rest of the days more happy and fruitful. Rhythm in the happy songs makes a person more active in life. It’s a proven truth that we fail to relish and enjoy our life due to the over challenging and competitive world. It’s only these Happy Songs which can bring life back to us. Music posses the unique feature to change life at a glance by positive tuning to life and to the mind. After listening to Happy songs for some minutes your life is going to change and turn your day round. You will star feeling the beautiful colors of life. Truly the essence of happy songs has the power to bring happiness to you. Happy songs are meant for the perfect enjoyment of life.

Top 10 New Happy Songs 2012 List

Check out another list of Happy songs which are also popular among people and you will definitely love to hear them without any doubt.
  • Dance To The Music
  • Joyful Joyful
  • Ohhh Happy Day
  • Carry My Love – Sarah Geronimo
  • Celebration – Kool and The Gang
  • When a Man Loves A Women
  • Rhythm Of Love
  • I Feel Pretty
  • At Your Best,You Are Love
  • Girls Just Want to Have Fun
 The above list of Top 10 happy songs 2012 list and Top new happy songs 2012 list of all time will definitely make you life better and enjoying. The list of happy Songs will be updated soon. So keep surfing and listen the melodious of Happy songs of all time.

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