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Top 10 Punjabi Songs List 2012

Top 10 Punjabi Songs List 2012 :- Punjab is a culturally rich state of India located in the north western side of the Indian map. Presence of music and dance forms the major part of all ceremonies, festivals and functions of Punjab. The beauty of the Punjabi music lies in its simplicity in lyrics. The people of Punjab are very down to earth and pretty hardworking. They prefer enjoying their life after a daylong hard work with Punjabi music and food which has a very close relation with the people of Punjab. The songs of Punjab are very popular all over India because of its beautiful rhythm and aura.
Top 10 Punjabi songs 2012: If you visit any town of Punjab you will feel the simplicity and welcoming nature of the people of Punjab. They treat their guest as god and try to do everything possible they can do for them. Besides being melodious the music of Punjabi songs are very soulful and meaning full too which will touch deep down your heart. There are numerous famous and hit Punjabi songs available which are sung by great Punjabi singers. Every individual song is so melodious that we find it very difficult to find which one are the best as all the songs seems to be the best.
Top Singers of Punjabi songs of all time:
As already mentioned that the people of Punjab are very down to earth people and the same can be felt in the music of the Punjabi songs sung by the great Punjabi singers. The melody of the song helps it to reach the heart of the people. Even a small child when listens a Punjabi songs , enjoy it’s like anything and dance with every rhythm of the song. Some of the famous Punjabi singers are:
  •  Daler Mehndi
  •  Mika Singh
  •  Labh Janjua
  •  Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
  •  Mohammed Rafi
  •  Diljit Dosanjh
  •  Shamshad Begum
  •  Gippy Grewal
  •  Sukhvinder Singh
  •  Sonu Nigam
  •  Akriti Kakkar
  •  Shailendra Singh
  •  Anushka Manchanda

Top 10 Punjabi Songs 2012 List

We are mentioning a List of Top 10 Punjabi Songs 2012 List of all times based on our own choice and preference. All of these songs are really melodious and soulful. We will suggest you to listen to these songs if any time you feel depressed, as any where you listen to this songs no doubt you will be happy.
  1. Enna Vina Dope Shope maareya karo – Honey Singh & Deep Money
  2. Yaar Anmulle – Sharry Mann
  3. Amplifier – Imran Khan
  4. Angreji Beat – Gippy Grewal ft Honey Singh
  5. Bewafa – Imran Khan
  6. Mobile – Harman Sidhu & Miss Pooja
  7. Nain Naina Naal – Nachhatar Gill
  8. Lak Twenty Eight Kudi Da – Diljit ft.Honey Singh
  9. Pooja Kiven Aa – Sharry Maan
  10. Shera Di Kaum – Lyrics by RDB ft.Ludacris
Role of Punjabi songs in our life:
A diverse form and style forms the base of the Punjabi songs. Punjabi songs are formed of different music pattern and cover almost every function from birth to death in an individual’s life. The different ranges of Punjabi song are folk music, classical music, Sufi music and also Bhangra music. Each and every category of Punjabi songs is soulful. The background of the Punjabi songs are produced using musical instruments like Tumbi,  Chimta, Dhadd, Algoze, Sarangi and several other instruments are also used. These instruments are majorly used as background music for Punjabi folk songs. Patiala Gharana and Sham Chaurasia Gharana are two important categories of Punjabi classical music. Bhangra is basically the music used in Punjabi dance performance. Rhythms in Punjabi music can be best understood in Bhangra songs. Some of the famous lyricists of Punjabi Sufi music are Baba Farid, Shah Hussain, Bulleh Shah and Waris Shah.

Top 10 Best Punjabi songs 2012 List

We are also enlisting another list of Punjabi popular song which is quite popular among the young generation of today. Hope you will enjoy listing to these Punjabi songs of all time.
  • Nai Jeena – Nirmal Sidhu
  • Kiven Bhulengi Tu Mainu – Sukhbir Rana
  • Dil Tera Ho Gaya – Amrinder Gill & Sumitra Iyyer
  • Doller – Sandeep Sony
  • Get Up Jawani – Shah feat Honey Singh
  • Pind Nanke – Gippy Grewal
  • Phone Yaar Da – Babbu Maan
  • Gobind De Lal – Diljit Singh Dosanjh
  • Saturday Nights – Preet Harpal
  • Gedi on Facebook – Raj Buttar
The above list of Top 10 Punjabi Songs 2012 List and Top 10 Best Punjabi Songs List 2012 of all time will bring refreshment in your life and make you happy too. Keep enjoying every bit of the Punjabi songs.

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